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    It’s the combo of coffee, Matcha green tea, Cacao and Honeybush from South Africa that makes it happen.

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    The power of goodness. Better energy & health in a great tasting cup of coffee. This is not your average Joe.


SUP for the Cure Wins Philanthropic Award

Living Java has been fortunate to participate in this great event since it’s inception. This year the organizers were awarded the top philanthropic award from SUP magazine. Here’s the intro and a link to the full press release. And yes, we’ll be at next year’s Newport event next May…. San Cemente, Calif. – October 9,…

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Cold Brew #1 – Simple Iced Coffee

Simple Iced Coffee   Here’s two easy ways to make your own cool iced-java at home. The pour over – This is the easiest way to get an iced coffee. Simply make your coffee like you normally do – drip machine, french press, pour over – and as soon as it’s brewed, pour the hot coffee over a glass…

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Time for some cold brew?

Hey, it’s summer and it’s getting hot. While I have a pretty good iced coffee brewing technique, I thought it was time to step it up a notch and try cold brew. You’ve probably heard or seen the term, it’s getting more and more popular. Essentially instead of using hot water to extract the coffee…

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About Us

Living Java Coffee Company started on a simple premise – make it better. The world, the people and some of the simple everyday things in life. It began on a journey to make healthier coffee but has grown to a bigger dream. In the process, we found that while we were out to create a better coffee experience and a better way to start the day – there were much broader issues at hand. Continue Reading →