Feel good gourmet coffees

Coffee was just coffee until we discovered how to make it better. And discovered how a little cacao and green tea could make for a whole new level in energy and feeling good. There’s definitely something going on that picks you up in a whole new way.

It starts with premium coffees from Central and South America, roasted to perfection by our 98 year old family ran roasting company. And then we add in cacao and matcha green tea to round out the bitterness and provide better energy, clarity and focus than a regular cup of Joe.

Our Innergy Blends simply make you feel good. Maybe it’s the endorphins that chocolate and tea help produce. Whatever it is, if you like coffee… you’ll love our Innergy blends.


How should I store my coffee?

We recommend that you keep a week’s worth of coffee in an airtight container at room temperature. For longer storage, keep it in the freezer. Packages of frozen coffee should be opened as infrequently as possible. Whole beans will keep longer – up to four weeks, but ground coffee should be brewed within a week or two from the time you open the package.

Buying small amounts frequently (and grinding your own beans) is the best way to enjoy fresh coffee. Another option is our Ready Paks – 2 oz portions that make a hearty pot in your standard home drip machine or


What are the most important things to know about brewing coffee?

1. Use enough coffee (2 Tbsp. ground coffee per 6 oz. of water).

2. Start with freshly drawn, filtered water (let it sit for 30 seconds after boiling if you’re using a press or manual pour filter)

3. Stir your carafe of brewed coffee after all the liquid has passed through the filter, to homogenize the flavors.

4. Don’t cook your coffee on a hot plate; put it in a thermos to keep it hot.

For the best in flavor, try press pot brewing. Since there are no paper filters involved, you get 100% of the coffee’s flavor.


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