Cold Brew #1 – Simple Iced Coffee

Simple Iced Coffee  

Here’s two easy ways to make your own cool iced-java at home.

The pour over – This is the easiest way to get an iced coffee. Simply make your coffee like you normally do – drip machine, french press, pour over – and as soon as it’s brewed, pour the hot coffee over a glass filled with ice. This works ok,  but frankly it’s a bit watered down unless you make it pretty strong. I recommend adding more coffee than normal to give it some punch.

Japanese Style – I’m not sure how this technique received this name, but if you’re looking for an easy yet flavorful way to make iced coffee, this will do the job. It also makes a full pot, or pitcher, that you can enjoy right from the frige the rest of the week like you would iced tea.  See photo #2 on the right. It requires a standard drip coffee maker or a rather large pour over or siphon brewer.
Here’s the steps:
1. First take your carafe and fill it halfway with water and then pour it into your coffee maker.
2. Now add your coffee – I would add an extra scoop or tablespoon as I would rather it be a bit stronger than weak.
3. Next fill the carafe a little over halfway with ice (half water plus half ice = full pot). You can put a little over 1/2 ice because of the air and space between cubes…but be carefull the first time – I hate wiping up spills!)
d. Brew the coffee and pull it off the hot plate as soon as it’s done brewing. It’s cool and ready to drink! Here’s a little tip – put a plate or some heat resistant pad between the coffee carafe and heating element to insulate it from the heat. this will make for a cooler, smoother batch. I made a small disk from cardboard, which does the trick.
Add ice to a glass, pour and enjoy. Store the carafe or pour into a pitcher and put it the refrigerator. It will stay good for almost a week before getting bitter.
Here’s an in-depth article on cold brew techniques, which I’ll be using as a guide for my own trials this next two weeks. Cheers! Iced Coffee & Cold Brew
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