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Hella Wella Deal of the Week!

Buy one get one (free).

If you like coffee, feeling your best, and helping good causes, you’ll love Living Java’s Innergy Blends!  We want you to experience the feel good energy that comes from our unique blend of premium estate coffees and three superfoods. It’s pure, all-natural coffee taste, plus the added benefits of Matcha green tea, Cacao and Honeybush for better energy, clarity and focus.

We know that after a few days of experiencing our feel good coffee, you won’t go back to your regular Joe — so we’re making you an offer you can’t pass up! Get two bags of our gourmet coffee + superfoods delivered to you for just $25.00.  That’s two for the price of one, shipping included!  As an added “feel good” benefit, Living Java donates 10% of our profits to worthy human rights causes.  It’s a feel good deal all around, and great-tasting coffee to pick up your day!  Click here to to place your order.

Not your Average Joe

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