Love is Chocolate & Coffee

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes, today is one of the great chocolate days of the year! And isn’t chocolate even better with coffee? Besides peanut butter, or any nut for that matter, nothing else goes better with chocolate, especially dark chocolate, than coffee. There’s chocolate covered espresso beans, coffee infused chocolate and of course what chocolate lover doesn’t love a good mocha? Well besides the great taste, chocolate, particularly dark chocolate is great for health. Recent studies (there’s lot’s of them if you do a quick search) show promising benefits of a few grams of dark chocolate a day.

If you’re a coffee lover, it gets even better. While many of us grew up under the shadow of “coffee is bad” for you, LOTS of studies have cropped up about the antioxidants and other health benefits found in coffee.

So coffee plus chocolate must be doubly good! They both give a bit of a lift, they also reduce depression and for many, especially women, they make you “happy”, partly because of those wonderful endorphins released when you consume some good chocolate. Of course putting them together is what makes Living Java’s Innergy blend the feel good coffee!


I recently came across a great article on the benefits of dark chocolate and wanted to share:

The Many Benefits of Dark Chocolate




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  1. | March 18, 2016 at 8:31 pm #

    I love coffee and am totally obsessed with chocolate. I mean, who really isn’t? So, I thought to myself, why not combine the two and really wake up my taste buds?!

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