Time for some cold brew?


Hey, it’s summer and it’s getting hot. While I have a pretty good iced coffee brewing technique, I thought it was time to step it up a notch and try cold brew. You’ve probably heard or seen the term, it’s getting more and more popular. Essentially instead of using hot water to extract the coffee essence, cold brew techniques steep the coffee slowly, over hours not minutes to deliver a full bodied, less acidic brew.

This is a quick post with links to related articles to get you started. I’ll post a step by step article later in the week and will share any short cuts or insights¬†on equipment, the process, etc.

Meanwhile you can google cold brewed or give these links a read. Here’s a nice editorial style story. Or have a look at Wikipedia¬†for a snapshot and couple of nice photos, but if you want a full tutorial on cold coffee brewing techniques here you go (my above mentioned iced technique is called the “Japanese Iced Method” evidently. Cool.


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